BBC News Covers Mindvalley, The Business That Blurs ‘Work And Play’

BBC News covers Mindvalley

A few weeks ago we had BBC visit the Mindvalley HQ to witness the Awesomeness Report – where we also officiated two new team members into the company with the Oath of Awesomeness – and to interview Vishen on Mindvalley for a profile slot on their BBC News and BBC World channels.

Vishen on BBC

The 3-minute video features Vishen explaining our mission, our values ,and our award-winning work culture, which BBC aptly headlined as “Business that ‘blurs work and play'” on their website. Check out the video of BBC News covers Mindvalley below.

Britain’s largest television network as we continue to spread enlightened ideas to a billion lives by 2050? Check. Talk about anarchy in the UK 😉

 >> Watch the video here.



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