How To Utilize Awareness Technologies To Their Full Potential

how to use awareness technologies

Your awareness is your aliveness.

Without awareness, we are just mere physical objects. So, it can be said that the more aware we are, the more alive and humane we are.

Wouldn’t you want to be more aware, more alive and more humane?

Here, we will learn to do exactly that. We will learn all about awareness technologies and how to get the best outcome from them to enhance our awareness.

All your power is in your awareness of that power.  

Rhonda Byrne

What Are Awareness Technologies?

Awareness technologies are tools, techniques, methods, and practices that help you to acknowledge your extent or level of awareness. As well, they make you rise to higher degrees of awareness.

With proper awareness enhancement practices (suitable for you) and with effective use of awareness technologies, you can continuously become more aware of yourself and your environment until you become fully aware of the whole universal existence.

Usually, we take our awareness for granted and assume that this is how it will always remain.

We seldom acknowledge the fact that we can raise the levels of our awareness to accomplish amazing feats.

But First, What Are The Types Of Awareness?

What are awareness technologies?

Although many of us do not know anything beyond our day-to-day waking awareness, there is much more to awareness than just that.

There are many types of awarenesses that we can access and enhance through proper channels and practices.

Most interestingly, the seeds and potential of each and every kind of awareness is already there in our ordinary waking human conscious.

We just have to find the seeds, water and nurture them and make them grow.

So, what are the most prominent kinds of awarenesses that we can grow?


Self-awareness refers to the awareness of your own self and existence.

It answers all the questions like – Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is my life situation? And much more.

Self-awareness also makes us aware of our subconscious and unconscious minds.

Social awareness 

Social awareness lets you know (and understand) your social environment and the people around you.

The more you become socially aware, the better you become at communication, empathy, relationships, professional success, helping society, emotional intelligence, etc.

Social awareness also includes cultural awareness, which allows us to be aware of the difference between cultures, races, and people from different socio-cultural setups.

Spatial awareness

As the name suggests, spatial awareness is related to being aware of spatial 3D objects.

With this awareness, you get the sense of the shapes, sizes, and the distances of real-time objects in space. You can also have the mental elasticity to play with the shapes, sizes, and formations of these objects in your mind.

These skills are great tools for architects, engineers, photographers, and travelers.

Spiritual awareness

Spiritual awareness is essentially the extension of self-awareness.

It goes much deeper in realizing your self and reaches directly to the source of your existence. It also allows you to access higher levels of consciousness.

Throughout ages, spiritual awareness has been described in many different ways and terminologies, but with similar meaning and essence.

The Best Awareness Technologies

best awareness technologies

Based on the kind of awareness you want to develop, you will have to choose your awareness technologies to practice.

Increase self-awareness

To increase the level of self-awareness, you can practice:

Increase social awareness

These same type of technologies also work for growing your social awareness. Additionally, you can practice:

  • Meaningfully communicating with others
  • Observing others’ emotional states
  • Mingling with people from different backgrounds

Increase spatial awareness

Some technologies to improve spatial awareness include:

  • Playing games like puzzles, chess, and jenga
  • Even taking photo walks
  • Navigating without maps
  • Playing video games.

Increase spiritual awareness

Spiritual awareness is the highest and the most useful of all the kinds of awareness. Working toward this one can automatically bring all the other kinds with it.

The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.

— Lao Tzu

Different cultures and sects of the world have developed numerous awareness increasing techniques to enhance spiritual awareness. However, not all the practices are suitable for the modern world.

To solve this problem Vishen Lakhiani, the founder of Mindvalley, has designed the quest Becoming Limitless. It is specifically created to suit the needs of modern humans in their pursuit of spiritual awareness.

The quest will take you to such avenues of consciousness, from where you will be able to look at all the aspects of life with the broadest range of awareness possible.

Are you working with any of these awareness technologies? What works for you the best? Let us know in a comment below!



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