A Simple Construct Of The Aware Definition

define awareness

You’re walking down the street and suddenly hear a large ‘smash’ just a few meters away.

You’ve paused, assessing the scene, when a small dog comes running out of the darkness.

“Ahh,” you think. Now finding yourself aware of what’s actually going on.

The dog, likewise aware of your presence, stares blankly in your direction. A quick exchange, before scampering off.

“Cute little guy,” you think, now reminiscing the shared awareness.

But you can’t help but notice a feeling of superiority. “What elevates my own awareness over the dogs?” you wonder.

What are the exact components of our aware definition anyways?

To Be Aware

define awareness

When we question, what is the aware definition, we often find our thoughts a bit scattered.

Humans are aware, we know. We also know that a dog is aware, to a certain degree.

But, there is a very distinct difference in the applicable magnitudes of both these said states of awareness.

Can we truly classify both entities under the same definition, knowing how vastly different the two really are?

Our answer, is both a yes and a no.

Yes in that both creatures indeed possess a basic awareness. And no in that humans most assuredly fall into a uniquely different, in fact heightened, qualification of said awareness.

Basic awareness

Starting at the core of its essence, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, our aware definition can be constructed as :

Knowing that something exists, or having knowledge or experience of a particular thing.

To be in a state of basic awareness, is simply, to be able to acknowledge one’s own surroundings.

As a dog is capable of completing this task, so too is a human being. But where the dog stops at a simple acknowledgment, the human faces a potential for more.

Self awareness

Human beings have the ability to pursue a state of self awareness.

Where self awareness refers to the capacity of not only acknowledging the surrounding moment, but of further acknowledging and embracing an ability to insight influence within its overlying structure.

When you are self-aware, you become capable of manipulating environments in your favor.

— Pejman Ghadimi, Business Collective

A true self awareness is something that must be sought after, and arguably should be, as attaining such a state of mind can prove itself highly advantageous.

Self aware individuals are often those who initiate the most action in life, and resultantly produce the most results.

The Development Our Aware Definition

how to define awareness

Where taking such an action can be attributed to the result of a conscious choice.

Yet being aware, and even self aware, find their roots much more deeply embedded in the basic construct of the human psyche, than would consciousness necessarily.

Being able to pay attention to something is how awareness comes to be.

Thought to of developed as a biological advantage, awareness initiates as attention and working memory overlap. To actually gain something beneficial from the result of paying attention.

With the acknowledgement of this gain, it then becomes beneficial to be able to isolate a specific happening and focus specifically on what exactly is going on within it’s development.

It is the extent of the ability to remember this happening, that then highlights our varying levels of awareness.

Thus creating a spectrum of awareness spanning across many species, of which humans are included. And yes, the cute little doggy as well.

The aware human

As we speak of our aware definition, in reference to human beings, we wind up primarily focusing on our inherent self awareness. What elevates our awareness over that of the dog.

Something whose further development is again, the result of biological advantage. The more information one could retain, the more capable of manifesting a desirable future it would become.

Information is gathered and stored via memory. Memory that is initiated by first isolating a focus on the specific instance which one wishes to remember. That is, one must be aware of said specific instance.

A developmental process spanning over millions of years of evolutionary growth, ultimately bringing us to where we are today.

Human beings, capable of classifying an aware definition.

Maybe you’ve had a similar instance as the one referenced above, with the dog? Or maybe you’ve even had one where you felt the animal was actually just as aware of you, as you were of it? Share your stories with us in the comments below!



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