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Soul Mindvalley Partners With Neale Donald Walsch To Bring His Manual On Awakening Humanity To The World

Mindvalley Partners With Neale Donald Walsch To Bring His Manual On Awakening Humanity To The World

There are certain people who radically shift the way you see the world.

Neale Donald Walsch is one of those people. Neale went from being homeless to channelling one of the greatest spiritual works of the 21st Century, Conversations with God. The inspirational book became a publishing phenomenon and stayed on the New York Times Bestsellers list for 137 weeks, touching an estimated 25 million lives.

The initial books were published from 1996 – 1998. And Neale wrote many books after the first Conversations with God books, but he said that his clear channel to God didn’t come back until August 2016.

Why We’re Bringing This Message To Mindvalley

Then, in August 2016, Vishen Lakhiani received a PDF from Neale. When he opened it, he realized that it wasn’t just an ordinary PDF.

It was Conversations with God Book 4.

After 19 years, Neale had written down a new message from God. Vishen shared that he immediately realized that what Neale had sent me was deeply significant. It outlined Neale’s beliefs and visions for what humanity would evolve into.

And it laid out a number of different principles to create what Neale calls “Highly Evolved Beings.” When Vishen met Neale, they discussed how Mindvalley could support his work and help bring these principles into reality. Mindvalley’s learning platform, Quests, was about to be launched — one of  the most beautiful, engaging experiences available anywhere.

And so Neale and Mindvalley collaborated to create a program that would bring the principles of becoming a Highly Evolved Being (HBE) to this new platform for thousands of students.

Now, one year later, we’ve completed the program Awaken The Species, and are ready to bring it to the world.

What would a highly evolved being look like to you? Share in the comments below.

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Neale Donald Walsch