Sara Ness
Sara Ness
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Sara has coached more than 500 leaders on the art of empathetic leadership, and is Founder & Chief Instigator at Authentic Revolution. She is a creator, facilitator & founder of a thousands-strong learning community in Austin and instigator of many other groups worldwide. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship.

3 Easy Steps To Explore What Does Authentic Mean

It isn’t normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement. — Abraham Harold Maslow What does authentic mean?  Is authenticity total honesty in all your words and actions? Is it following your impulses, your…

How To Practice Authentic Leadership

Peace within, peace without, peace among —Virginia Satir “What are you smuggling in?” This is what one of my teachers in authentic leadership used to ask me. He meant, what are my motivations for leading? Aside from wanting to serve…