Mahdi Hasan
Mahdi Hasan
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Mahdi is a Mindvalley writer. A believer in the divine destiny of human evolution, he is all for furthering the cause. Hence, consciously and constantly working to evolve into better versions of himself while trying to do as much as possible for the progress of others. Spirituality, philosophy, literature, psychology, quantum physics, and information technology are his core areas of research.

Can We Learn How To Be Happy Again? Here’s The #1 Predictor Of Happiness

Sorrow, distress, depression, and grief are the things that make life burdensome. We all want to be happy. But the trick is understanding how to attain it and make it last. When we’re faced with more than we can bear…

How To Become An Astronaut: The Inspiring Story Of The First Female Private Space Explorer

Hold fast to dreams. For if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. — Langston Hughes How many dreams die each moment due to fear of obstacles? It might be billions! But Anousheh Ansari is among…

This Is What Peak Performance Looks Like According To Jamie Wheal

In today’s world of cutting edge competition, individual performance is tracked and monitored in every professional field. So, to excel in any role or career, understanding your level of performance is crucial. But how can we be sure this is what…