Madilyn Smith
Madilyn Smith
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Madilyn is a former travel, entertainment, and lifestyle writer for the women's empowerment publication ENTITY Mag in Los Angeles and the digital media platform StarsInsider in Lisbon, Portugal. She tells her own personal growth journey traveling solo across 5 continents on her blog The Wanderess Chronicles. To put it simply, she's just a girl trying to change the world one powerful story at a time.

The Disturbing Truth About Coca-Cola

One of the most destructive products in the world on human health and the environment is seen as completely NORMAL. Billions of us fall for its insidious marketing practices every single day. And everywhere it goes… Obesity, diabetes, and other…

The Poison Billions of Us Drink Every Day

Meet the CEO of Coca Cola. And watch him squirm his way out of some tough questions that everyone should be asking this company. It’s about time… Watch the video to find out: Just HOW much sugar is in Coca-Cola…