Khairie Apirin
Khairie Apirin
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Obsessed with good writing and personal development, it was only natural that Khairie became the editor of Mindvalley's blog. He’s spent over a decade writing articles on personal experience and self-improvement, even co-founded a content platform that touched on taboo topics in Malaysia. A strong believer in work-life balance, he believes that great work culture happens when companies see the best in their employees. When not working he can sometimes be found at the gym or in front of his computer playing video games.

Curing Loneliness: How To Naturally Release Your 4 Happy Brain Chemicals

Did you know that almost half of all Americans feel lonely? A survey on 20,000 Americans across the country showed that the average loneliness score was 44 on the UCLA Loneliness Scale. People scoring 43 and above were considered lonely.…

The Power Of Collective Wisdom: How Masterminds Help You Break Through To The Next Stage Of Your Growth

You’ve probably heard that you’re the average of the five people closest to you. It’s true. The rule states that the five people you spend the most time with have the greatest impact on the way you think and how…