Chungsoon Haw
Chungsoon Haw
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Chungsoon is actively working towards helping people create a positive connection between their money and their life by educating them on their financial options through his financial literacy site, More Money Malaysia. He believes that money is meant to fuel aspirations, not cause frustrations.

What is Personal Finance? And How To Use It To Achieve Your Dreams

When asked what is personal finance, most people make it unnecessarily complicated by naming a bunch of jargon such as budget, investment, tax, retirement, etc. However, in its essence, personal finance is simply all the decisions you make to manage…

Simple Finance — Create a Budget Using the 3 Most Important Questions

The 3 most important questions (MIQ’s) is an exercise that can really help you to cut through the noise and focus on what’s important in your life. These questions are not in and of themselves complex, but they are profound…