Brandon Leuangpaseuth
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Brandon Leuangpaseuth is a writer from San Diego, CA that is an expert in overcoming depression and anxiety. Through his personal experiences, he has developed an uncanny ability to flip the negative incidents in his life to instead lead a more self-fulfilled and self-empowered life. He hopes to share what he has learned to inspire others to realize their potential. During his free time, he helps various criminal defense attorneys around the nation with their public relations. You can connect with him on LinkedIn @bleuangpaseuth.

How to Be Loved For Who You Are

Everyone wants to feel loved.  In fact, it is a vital part of being human.  Once a person’s physiological needs such as breathing, food, water, as well as the feeling of being free from danger are met, a person then…

How To Fix A Lack Of Motivation

Ever heard someone say they don’t do something because they have a lack of motivation? Well, I hear it all the time. It is actually a pretty common statement used to describe why people don’t do certain things. In fact,…

This Is What Anxiety Feels Like

Do you know what anxiety feels like? No, do you really know what anxiety feels like? Sure, there is a large spectrum for how anxious a person gets. Some people simply have worse anxiety symptoms than others. For example, a…