Angie Guerra
Angie Guerra
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Angie Guerra has explored many possible paths; however, the most important thing has been her inner work. She has connected with her spirituality and emotional connection to the world through love; how she embraces it, how she gives it and her understanding that love really is the only way to happiness. She is an authentic human who believes kindness matters and continually speaks with wholeheartedness.

How To Love After Heartbreak

I’ve always been a dreamer. To some, it was my best quality; to others, they would tell me to get my head out of the clouds. The one thing I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, is that my…

The Magic Of Finding Your Love In Unexpected Places

They say that love is everywhere. But why, then, is it sometimes so difficult to find your love? It’s almost as if we have our hearts on lockdown.  How do we allow ourselves to find the key to unlock this…

The Embodiment Of Love: 8 Ways To Find Your Love Everyday

When I look into the sky, I see clouds billowing, the sun peeking through their full embrace. I see the birds soaring, enjoying a light breeze. I hear the wind, feeling it wrap warmly around me. When the rain comes,…