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Here’s How To Attract More Money (You Might Be Pushing It Away)

by Mindvalley January 8, 2018

Everyone desires a little (or a lot) more money.

As man-made and unnatural as money may be, it is entirely normal to want to live in comfort, or luxury, without any financial concerns. This is the reason why we work hard to earn our wages.

However, sometimes, no matter how hard we work, we still lack sufficient finances. We will ask ourselves why, but do nothing to remedy the circumstances.

This could all be because rather than knowing how to attract more money into your life, you subconsciously reject it.

wishful thinking

Wishful Thinking

Our thoughts have power.

What we think, or what we offer consistent thought to, will befall us. Our thoughts can either be positive, and bring us happiness and relaxation, or they can be negative and cause us stress, anxiety, and an entire plethora of problems.

This is perfectly understandable when we are under pressure or afraid, but what about the neutral things? Money is something we think about often. We’ll imagine what we could do with it if we had more, or we plan our budgets, or eagerly await our paychecks with a plan of how exactly we will splurge. Very rarely, though, are these thoughts productive.

The law of attraction is not as simple as white and black. There is a grey area in between — one that is neither good nor bad, but rather stagnant. For thoughts to matter, they need energy. They need to be charged.

Now consider how many times you have told yourself “If only I had more money,” or, “I wish I were rich.” Wishing will bring you no more and no less than exactly that: Wishes.

Instead, really leverage positive thinking and think that you already are rich!

Assert Yourself

One solution to fixing this, and the first step to attract more money into your life instead of pushing it away, is to become more assertive.

Rather than wish for things, claim them. Assert your right to them and welcome them into your life.

Next time you are tempted to wish for money, don’t make the mistake of doing so. Rather, power your positive thinking and confidence, and tell yourself that you will have more money soonYou can make this thought as extravagant as you need it to be — visualize it, write it down. Meditate on it, or say it loudly to yourself with a smile.

The more you believe it, the greater the chance of it manifesting.

How To Attract More Money

Realign Your Thoughts

Sometimes we are so down that even wishing requires too much effort. So then, we succumb to defeat and convince ourselves that we don’t have more because we don’t deserve it, or because we are unlucky, or that it’s just not our time to shine.

Thoughts such as this will become self-fulfilling prophecies. If you tell yourself that you don’t deserve more, you will lose your motivation to work hard and will never progress or succeed.

If you tell yourself you are unlucky, you will become cursed. If you tell yourself that it’s your destiny to remain ordinary, you will live out your days as exactly that.

Reconditioning our minds might be tricky because old habits die hard, but it’s not an impossible feat. Reprogramming your thoughts to invite and attract more money in your life can be achieved by very simple and very nice practices, such as the ones below:

Be Thankful

In what’s possibly the oldest trick in the book, you can easily shift your focus from the negative to the wonderful.

Rather than complaining about how much you go without, appreciate everything (no matter how little) you do have. Gratitude will go a long way and is the best way to recondition your mind because it actually alters your brain. If you struggle with this, consider keeping a gratitude journal, for when you need reminding that life is not as bad as it seems.

The more you are thankful, the more you will have to be thankful for. With gratitude, attracting money is easy.

Lie To Yourself  (If Need Be)

Just as you can convince yourself of negative truths and therefore invite stress and anxiety into your space, you can bask in false positives and have them manifest as true.

Tell yourself you are rich, even if you aren’t. Affirm that you are the best at what you do and that you are soon set for a raise.

Doing this will flush out those pesky negative energies and replace them with much brighter ones. This will also put things in perspective and give you clarity of your goals which will, in turn, motivate you to work harder.

dream big but stay realistic

Dream Big, But Stay Realistic

Perhaps the reason why you reject money is because when you find it, it’s not enough. A simple way to observe windfalls in your life is to make those windfalls as realistic as possible. Biting off more than you can chew, dreaming too big, or aiming too high might feel wonderful at first, but with big dreams comes great responsibility, and the lack of instant fame and fortune might be disheartening. Keep yourself motivated by taking baby steps and not expecting too much from the universe.

Attract money into your life, and then remember to accept it, no matter how small the amount may be.

Make an Effort

Simple changes can be made to coincide with attracting money and the law of attraction. A great example is investing in a piggy bank. Once you have it, it will attract loose change that you wouldn’t have noticed or valued if they didn’t have the piggy bank to live in.

Open a savings account. Clear out your clutter and have a yard sale. Buy a lottery ticket every once in a while… If you sit back and wait for money to fall into your lap, it will not. A watched pot never boils.

Stay active; keep working and open doors you previously had locked. You’ll be surprised at how much money you collect!

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