16 Affirmations For Intuition That Really Work

Affirmations for intuition

Could your intuition use a little jumpstart? Affirmations for intuition really work…

If you’re committed to living an intuitive life, sometimes your intuition isn’t quite as vivid as it could be. It leaves you feeling directionless or disconnected.

Right now is the perfect moment to boost your intuition with the affirmations below so you can feel guided, inspired, and connected to your life’s purpose.

How your intuition works

Your intuition (your inner vision or psychic ability) is connected to the 6th chakra in your subtle energy system. It’s known as your third eye.

When you charge up this energetic center in your body, you amplify your personal intuition. As you do, you may feel like you’re opening your eyes.

affirmation for intuition

How to boost your intuition through affirmations

Affirmations are statements of intent that automatically improve your self-esteem too.

They focus your attention and your energy on the experience you want.

If you want vivid intuition, psychic ability, and connection to your inner vision, these affirmations will support you in creating that experience.

Say these out loud, and post them in a place where they’ll remind you of using them daily.

Repeat them until they truly become part of you.

1. I am intuitive

This affirmation might seem a little basic. But we promise it’s the perfect place to start, particularly if you’ve felt disconnected from your intuition before, or worried that you don’t have intuition at all. (That’s a myth, by the way!) Stating the truth of your intuitive power is a great way to get connected to it.

2. I am knowing

When your intuition is charged up, you know things. Not just facts. You know what to do, even though it might not necessarily make sense for you to know. If you want that experience, tell yourself you already have it.

3. I am psychic

I believe everyone is psychic. Do you believe YOU are psychic? You are. By claiming that you are, you set yourself up to trust your psychic hits, rather than questioning yourself.

4. I am alive in the now

Your intuitive power gets clouded when you dwell on the regrets of the past or the worries of the future. TODAY is the time to practice your gift of intuition.

5. I am connected to my own inner vision

Another word for intuition is insight. It’s an inner sight, an inner vision. In the way physical eyes help people see their physical world, your inner sight can help you see your life’s purpose.

6. My inner vision is strong

If your intuition has ever felt vague, or just out of reach, you want to affirm to yourself that it’s capable of being strong.

7. I am having strong instincts from my intuitive self

Your intellect makes decisions based on what’s already known—your past story. Your intuitive self (your expanded, soul self) works with the unknown. Use this affirmation to remember to pay attention to supportive information that comes from within.

8. I am listening to my intuitive self

Your intuition can battle with your intellect. Start training your intellect to hear your intuition and consider the messages it sends.

Affirmation for Intuition

9. My intuition can be trusted

You might hear your intuition, but then doubt it. Do one thing today that you feel inspired to and trust that it will be for your good.

10. I am trusting and acting

When your intuition is vibrant, you act with confidence based on your inner knowing. Your intuition is a constant guide that you trust. This is a great affirmation to use if you question yourself excessively.

11. I am connected to my true path and purpose

What your intuition will tell you is connected to your higher life’s purpose. Always.

12. I am true to myself

Your intuition will never tell you to be something you’re not. Your life’s purpose will not be contradictory to your core self. Trust that your intuitive self has a strong sense of your own inner truth. Listen to it.

13. I have unlimited possibilities

The limits on your success are placed there by your thinking mind and your past stories—never by your intuition. If you ever hear yourself saying, “I’d love to do that, but I can’t,” you can be sure your intuition isn’t the one talking.

14. I am seeing the possibilities and bringing them into my reality

The intuition can see futures that don’t yet exist in the physical realm. If you’re listening and trusting your inner vision, you will act on intuitive hits that create outcomes you couldn’t have just thought your way through.

15. I am connected to my amazing potential futures

Your future is beautiful, awesome, and inviting. It’s going to support you. So think of it that way. Think of your future as supportive, fabulous, and abundant. Then shine the light of your intuition into your future to see your way forward.

16. I am clear

Imagine a pair of smudged glasses. You could see through them, but not as well as you could if you cleaned them. Close your eyes and visualize yourself cleaning the lens of your third eye.

focus on intuition

Now see your life come into focus.

Above all, invite (don’t struggle for) your intuition.

Being connected to your intuition is such a natural, satisfying experience. So if you’re closed off from it, you can feel directionless, or even desperate to reconnect with it. You might even try to think your way into being intuitive, which just sets you up for struggle.

Use these affirmations to invite the intuitive experience you want. Then take a deep breath and allow it to show up. Trust that it will.



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