How To Access Consciousness In 3 Easy (Yet Powerful) Steps?

How To Access Consciousness In 3 Easy (Yet Powerful) Steps?

We find ourselves alive, today, amongst what is perhaps the most profound shift in a collective human awareness that has ever occurred.

A mass spiritual awakening is unfolding all around us.

And we are all a part of it.

Where indeed some of us are choosing to remain closed to this concept, others of us have begun to embrace this happening, and are actively pursuing actionable change.

If you are reading this, likely you are seeking such a change. You can feel your awareness blossoming, and you wish to truly access consciousness.

What is Accessing Consciousness?

As we think, so shall we become.

This is the basic premise behind the concept of accessing consciousness.

As we think, so shall we become.

To expand on this, access consciousness is an enhanced, and perhaps new way of viewing our reality and our ability to manipulate its components therewithin.

It’s a state of mind that we can choose to operate from. One where we do not victimize ourselves. Where we do not hold judgments or resentments towards others.

A place where life begins to flow before us, free of the trivial stresses and repetitive daily burdens. A place where happiness becomes subconscious common practice and the whole universe seems to sing along with our existence.

Learning to access consciousness

How Can I Access Consciousness?

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Of course it does. Who wouldn’t want to exist in a state of eternal bliss?

The best part, achieving such a state of mind is entirely within reason!

But before we dive into these three simple steps, let us take a moment to define consciousness itself. Consciousness can best be explained as an acknowledged state of awareness. Being aware of anything that is said or done, either internally or externally, is consciousness.

As we acknowledge and embrace this state of awareness, we can then begin to access and influence certain components of its overlying structure. If we allow ourselves, we can eventually realize that the entirety of our lives, lies in the power of our thoughts.

1. Harness your power

This first step towards accessing consciousness is certainly the most important.

You have the power!

Only you control your thought process, and therefore, only you control your perception of reality.

At face value, this might seem rather obvious. Like, “ya okay thanks guys…”

But think about it. How often do you find yourself upset and have no idea why? Or how about those moments of realization, when you ask yourself, “Why did I just do that?”

Or what about all the times that we sit there, over analyzing the actions that we did and did not take? Or, over analyzing the actions of others?

All ultimately taking us to a place of confusion, angst, inner turmoil, and regret.

We’ve all been there, and although it may seem like a natural occurrence of the human psyche, I’ll say it again, you have the power to stop all of this.

You can choose to alter your own train of thought, you can access consciousness.

2. Know that you do not have control of the external world

As we realize this power, it is also very important to maintain an awareness that said power applies solely to our own individual mindsets.

In this second step, we must allow ourselves to come to an understanding that we cannot control the external world.

Have you ever consciously tried to change something in your life… but kept on falling back to the same place?

— Marisa Peer, top hypnotherapist and Mindvalley Author

It’s possible that the root cause of such a thing lies in our subconscious thought process, as Marisa Peer does a splendid job of demonstrating in her work as a hypnotherapist.

Yet another potential component of this happenstance is that no matter what we do to change how we present ourselves to the world, this same world just simply will not fall in line.

Too often do we allow ourselves to build an expectation.

We act in a direction of achievement, we sacrifice in this same direction, and then when things don’t go as planned or expected, suddenly everything begins to go horribly wrong.

Accessing consciousness

Fortune falls heavily on those for whom she’s unexpected. The one always on the lookout easily endures.

— Seneca, On Consolation To Helvia, 5.3

But you see, even our earliest philosophers knew, that those who are ready to adapt, who have little to no expectations for the current moment, will find themselves the most prepared when life does decide to throw us one of those random curveballs.

Accessing our consciousness will help us in managing these unmet expectations, as we ultimately pursue a headspace with zero expectations.

It is certainly possible to act in accordance with what we think will sufficiently bring us closer to achieving our goals while maintaining the knowledge that things may not necessarily go the way that we have hoped.

Purposeful action, without specific expectations, is key.

Living without expectations can be hard, certainly. Where we often feel like without an expectation, we’ve lost direction.

But again, if we truly wish to access consciousness, then we must let go of this idea that we are capable of fully controlling every little component of our life’s direction.

Then the fears set in, and so we resist. If we cannot control our lives, then anything could happen, and everything could go wrong.

Ah, but everything could also go right.

Guys, trust me, everything is going to be okay.

3. Trust that everything will be okay

Our third step here is actually rather simple.

Take a deep breath.

In each moment of our lives, we should be focusing on the relaxation that coincides with simply taking a deep breath. Let us allow ourselves to truly feel as if everything will be okay.

As we begin to access our consciousness, we allow ourselves to accept the fact that the only thing in this world we actually have any control over, is our own mental thought patterns.

We then begin a release of desires for control of the external world, and our actions move less in a direction of expectation, and more in the direction of self actualization.

Becoming a fully self actualized individual coincides with a trust, perhaps faith, that everything in life is going to unfold exactly as it should, regardless of what does or does not happen at any given moment.

A faith, that everything is going to be okay.

If we wish to one day truly raise our consciousness, we must first learn to properly access said consciousness.

A process initiated by first realizing our own internal control of the self. By secondly acknowledging that the self is the only thing we can truly control. And third, by coming to understand that no matter what the rest of the world says or does, everything will be okay.

Chances are high you’ve already experienced these 3 steps of awareness in your day to day life. What are some different methods by which you’ve tried to calm yourself down? Can you think of one? Share it with us in the comments below.