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Your Biggest Questions Answered About The Superbrain Quest By Jim Kwik & Vishen Lakhiani

Your Biggest Questions Answered About The Superbrain Quest By Jim Kwik & Vishen Lakhiani


Watch this video to hear the most-asked questions in our community about the Superbrain Quest answered by Vishen and Jim Kwik — and to learn how to optimize your brain for better learnings, better success, and better connections.

In 2017, 3,000 students enrolled in the Superbrain Quest and transformed the way they think, learn, and live.

If you’re thinking about joining and experiencing this transformation for yourself, take a look at this video to understand what to expect from Mindvalley’s Superbrain Quest.

About The Video

In this video, Vishen Lakhiani and Jim Kwik come together to explain how the Superbrain Quest will show you how to learn quicker, double your productivity, focus better, remember more, and complete all of your learning goals.

Here are just some of the questions Jim and Vishen answer:

  • Can you teach these techniques and exercises to children? Does our ability to learn really deteriorate over time?
  • How can people who have disabilities or have experienced traumatic brain injuries make the most of the Superbrain quest?
  • How fast can you start seeing the results of the quest? How can one track these results over time?
  • Do your genetics play a role in your ability to learn and retain information? Or is that a brule?
  • If you could change one thing about the Modern Schooling System, what would it be?

Watch the video above to hear Vishen’s answers to the most-asked questions in our community — and to learn how to optimize your brain for better learnings, better success, and better connections.

Or, read the answers to these popular Superbrain Quest questions below.

Q: Can You Teach These Techniques And Exercises To Children?

Yes, you can absolutely teach the techniques shared in the Superbrain Quest to children.

At least 10% of the success stories I see in the community have to do with children. What an advantage to learn this at a young age,” says Jim.

In fact, Jim explains that children as young as six can easily pick up these techniques and use them in their everyday lives.

Q: How Fast Can You Start Seeing The Results Of The Question?

The Quest itself only takes about 10 minutes a day,” says Jim. “This doesn’t take any extra time.”

Many of the exercises in the Quest are exercises you usually do on an everyday basis, like reading, meeting new people, and interacting with others.

This Quest doesn’t take time as much as it makes time. It gives you back your time in the long run.

Q: If You Could Change One Thing About The Modern Schooling System, What Would It Be?

School teaches you what to learn, but there are zero classes on how to learn,” says Jim.

How to be creative, how to think for yourself, how to concentrate, how to remember things — these are all things we cover in Superbrain. If I could change one thing in our education system, it would be to focus on meta-learning. Learning how to learn.”

That’s because learning how to learn is one of the most essential skills in the twenty-first century.

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