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A New Perspective on COVID-19

by Dr. Shefali April 6, 2020
This Could Be So Much More Than a Pandemic

The Coronavirus has unleashed a wave of panic across the globe. The fear of uncertainty has crippled nations.

But virus or no virus, the reality is that uncertainty is
always a part of life. It’s unbelievable, and yes, it’s sad. There’s no other word to describe it. Many lives will be lost. But there’s more to it. There’s so much more happening right now in the human race that goes far beyond the virus itself.

The Coronavirus As a Symbol

One could argue, and many do, that COVID-19 is a reflective symbol of where we currently are as a community and as a species. It is the perfect mirror to show us the level of consciousness we have reached.

And we have a choice.

Do we move into fear and panic? Do we only think of ourselves? Stockpile our basements with what the elderly need? Is it every man for himself? Every woman for herself?

Or is there another way?

Pause. Let’s think about this in a different way.

Are You Pushing the Panic Button? 

You see, uncertainty, doubt, and panic about the future are irretrievably parts of the human life experience. The Coronavirus is just highlighting all of this in the most acute way possible.

Let me offer some perspective. Can you imagine if, in every moment, we were updated about each and every person who’d just had a road accident? Just see it. On the news, radio, magazines, your social media…

We would all undoubtedly be in this same state of panic and we wouldn’t go out and drive again. But we do. Everyday. We do because although we are aware of the risks, we have faith that everything will be ok. We know that there’s no use in panicking, we know it wouldn’t serve us or anyone else surrounding us. So how, may I ask, is this pandemic any different?

Seeing COVID-19 as an Opportunity

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I’m not suggesting you don’t take precautions. Of course, stay at home and protect the vulnerable. Wash your hands, eat well, sleep deeply, meditate…do everything you can to protect your immune system. I’m not asking you to change any of those behaviors.

What I’m asking you to do is to think about the COVID-19 pandemic in a new way…to perhaps see it as an opportunity.

We have a golden opportunity to spiral not into fear, but into love. To actively choose to transcend our ego-based survival modes and grow into something bigger. This could be our time to evolve our entire species. 

This virus, as polemic or as strange as this idea may seem at first, could be our opportunity to enter into a higher state of consciousness.

A state of being where, as a race, we let go of our anxieties about the future and understand that the only way to live life is in the present moment.

To not separate ourselves and turn on one another in a global dog-eat-dog tournament, doused in mass hysteria and selfishness. But to instead come together. To unify, strengthen and embolden ourselves as one species.

Start Now

And you, the person who is reading this right now…you’re part of it. It’s a lot to swallow, and the responsibility may seem heavy. Because it is.

Hear this truth. The choice you make between fear and love will forge not only your individual perception of reality but the future of humanity.

So what will you choose?

If you stand for love, I can guarantee you will not stand alone.

Let us elevate. Let us rise. Let us unify.

It’s time.

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This article was written and edited by Amy White.

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