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6 Most Fascinating Studies On Consciousness (Infographic)

Measuring things like love, intuition, and consciousness has always been a controversial subject in science.

However, it hasn’t stopped people from trying.

We spoke to Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the world’s leading energy healers, about how far science has gone towards understanding the nature of human consciousness. And she referenced the amazing experiments and scientific discoveries depicted in the infographic below.

The 6 Studies On Consciousness That You Need To Know

1. Dr. William Braud’s Experiments On Rate Of Blood Cells Dying

In San Antonio, Texas, Dr. William Braud directed a radical group experiment. It was held at the Mind Science Foundation, and the study uncovered the depth of the power of our subconscious mind. The subjects of the study were put into a “Theta” state of consciousness through meditation. They were told to focus on a single intention. The result? They were able to down slow the death rate of their red blood cells.

2. Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Ice Crystals

Dr. Emoto is a Japanese scientist who became widely recognized after he was in the documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know? The documentary praised his experiments that showed how we think, say, and do affect the world. He used water in Petri dishes to do this. Specifically, Dr. Emoto would either scold or praise the water. Then he froze the Petri dishes in similar conditions — and lo and behold the “good” water’s structure was symmetrical, beautiful. And the “bad” water’s structure was asymmetrical, chaotic, and jagged. The lesson here is that our state of consciousness affects the world more than we know.

3. The Maharishi Effect

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation has been practiced all over the world. One of the most famous cases happened when 4,000 people got together to practice the technique. And then something amazing happened — crime dropped in that city by 15%. When people refer to the Maharishi Effect, they’re referring to how individual consciousness can affect collective consciousness.

4. The Singing Trees of Damanhur

Damanhur has been awarded by the UN because it is a model of a more sustainable future. It is a peaceful and spiritual eco-village where the trees sing. If that sounds incredible, it is (you can check out a video of this magical event here). The trees seem to be aware of the electrical signals they send out — and because of that, they’re able to produce a beautiful sound.

5. Chladni Plate Explosion

Chladni was a German scientist and musician. His most important experiment was on vibrating plates. When sand was sprinkled onto rigid structures, certain audio frequencies were able to produce vibrations that would organize the sand into predictable patterns. These sounds also have an effect on us, with some sounds producing feelings of joy and love and others producing emotions such as anger or sadness.

6. The Secret Life Of Plants

The Secret Life of Plants is a popular book that explored the phenomena that simpler forms of life, like plants, actually experience profound awareness and consciousness, too. It included a study done by CIA polygraph expert, Cleve Backster, who found that a plant who had “witnessed” a murder could actually “pick out” the murderer in a line-up of 6 men. How did the plant do that? The plant would experience a resurgence of electrical activity when the murder was close.

Check out this infographic with the six most fascinating studies on consciousness of all time:

Consciousness Experiments Infographic

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