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5 Powerful Rituals That Will Transform The Way You Work, The Way You Live, And The Way You Impact The World

by Robin Sharma December 23, 2017

Consistency is the mother of mastery.

— Robin Sharma

We often believe that success comes from the big, once-in-a-lifetime decisions we make in our personal or professional lives.

But according to Robin Sharma, it’s not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life.

It’s what you do every single day.

To get you wired for success, here are 5 powerful rituals that Robin suggests you should incorporate into your life starting today.

1. The Ritual Of Early Rising

Over the course of history, many of the world’s top performers have all been early-risers — Getting a head start in life while the rest of the world is still snoozing under the covers.

But how should you be spending these early hours of the morning to really make a big impact on your day?

Robin suggests to at least incorporate these two things.

Firstly, you need to sweat.

Hit the gym. Go for a run. Or simply do a few bodyweight exercises in your room to get the heart rate up and get yourself sweating.

Because the benefits of an early morning exercise routine is not only limited to keeping your body in good physical shape. It can repair brain cells from stress (via a protein released in the brain called brain-like neurotrophic factor or BLNF), and boost your metabolic rate to give you the energy you need to take on the challenges of the day.

He who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle.

— Spartan Warrior Creed

Secondly, take the time to journal.

It’s a simple yet powerful introspective exercise that will help you reconnect and get crystal clear of your values, your goals, and your soul’s deepest calling. And as Robin says, “awareness is the beginning of transformation.”

2. The Ritual Of Strategic Time-Blocking

The things that you schedule are the things that get done.

— Robin Sharma

Everyone’s always looking to be more productive with their time. And a powerful technique that can really boost your productivity is the idea of strategic time-blocking.

The idea is simple. Before the start of the week, maybe on a Sunday morning, start scheduling time for every task or activity you plan to complete during the course of the week.

This is so much more than your typical “to-do list” because you are consciously committing to a specific time to start a task, and a specific duration of time to complete it.

Need to have a brainstorm with your team at work?

Schedule a time-block.

Planning to spend some time alone on more creative projects?

Schedule a time-block.

Want to have work lunch with a colleague?

Schedule a time-block.

The idea is to be as detailed as possible and to do this for every day of the week.

By the end of the exercise, you’ll have what Robin calls a “blueprint for a beautiful week.”

And time-blocking is not just limited to work-related activities. Apply this idea to every part of your life. It can be dedicated time for an intimate date with your partner. Or quality time with your family. Or even some alone time in quiet solitude for introspection.

For example, Robin even goes so far as to schedule two time-blocks for massages, which he calls his “two massage protocol.”

So start time-blocking before the start of every week and you’ll have at your disposal a visual map for a world-class week.

3. The Ritual Of Over-Delivering

We live in a society where “going the extra mile” seems to be such a rare occurrence.

Whether you’re at your favorite restaurant or at a clothing store or doing business with any organization, you’ll usually get a level of service that is expected. But rarely ever more.

And although this may not seem like a positive thing, it actually is. Because now you know the one thing that you need to do to stand out from the crowd in your company or among your competitors. And it’s the one thing most people aren’t doing — Over-delivering.

Don’t just give your customers what they want; give them 10x more than what they expect.

Don’t just give your organization what your manager, what your boss, or what the organization is expecting from you — Instead, show something that is so rare in today’s economy, initiative.

When you start over-delivering consistently, you’ll soon become indispensable to your company. Or, if you own a business, you’ll become the first choice, over your competitors, in the minds of your customers.

You have a gorgeous opportunity to lead the field in everything that you do by doing one thing: practicing every single day the ritual of over-delivering.

— Robin Sharma
continuous learning

4. The Ritual Of Continuous Learning (Becoming A 60-Minute Student)

Bill Gates is famously known to read 50 books every single year. It’s a trait that many of the world’s super-performers share and an accurate predictor of your potential success.

But reading is just one of the many ways you can learn. Audiobooks, podcasts, online courses, live seminars and even the practice of journaling can be a powerful method to acquire new knowledge.

So how do you integrate this ritual of continuous learning into your daily life? Robin suggests turning yourself into “the 60-minute student.”

It starts with adopting the mindset of a student looking to master their craft. In other words, think like a beginner. Keep your mind open to new ways of thinking and remain deeply curious.

The next step is commitment. No matter how busy you are or what’s on your plate, you must commit to at least 60-minutes a day to learning. And be sure to time-block into your schedule weekly schedule.

Education is inoculation against disruption… As you know more, you can achieve more.

— Robin Sharma
Private reflection

5. The Ritual Of Private Reflection

The final ritual Robin suggests we start bringing it into our lives that will greatly impact your future success is as simple as it is powerful. And it is the idea of private reflection.

Today, we live in such a fast-paced, technologically wired society that we so often get caught up in the busy-ness of our day without ever pausing and asking yourself questions about the deeper things in life.

  • How are you living your life right now?
  • How are you working?
  • Are your daily behaviors aligned with your deepest values?
  • What sort of legacy do you wish to leave behind for the future generations?
  • What sort of impact are you creating with the work you’re doing?

And one of our favorite questions Robin suggest we ask ourselves during these moments of private reflection is this:

“What is the one project that, if I did it flawlessly over the next three months, would literally change the game for me within my organization and within my marketplace?”

When you start integrating any of these five (or all) of these rituals, you’ll quickly discover a whole new way of working, a whole new way of living, and a whole new way of impacting the world that we live in.

Which ritual will you be adopting in your life today?

Share it with the tribe in a comment below.

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by Robin Sharma
Robin Sharma is considered to be one of the top 5 leadership experts in the world. His work is embraced by rock stars, royalty, billionaires and many celebrity CEOs. Robin didn’t always feel fulfilled — so he studied people with extraordinary lives and developed a framework for greatness that can unleash the genius and legend in anyone. He then wrote the #1 International best-selling book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, an instant global phenomenon. For 20 years Robin has refined and perfected his framework by coaching the leaders of some of the most impactful organizations on the planet such as NASA, Microsoft, Nike, GE, and Yale University. Today, Robin is on a mission to share his masterpiece framework to millions more people.

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