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5 Money Brules (Bulls*** Rules) Parents Pass On To Their Kids

by Mindvalley January 18, 2018

This post on 5 money brules was originally published on The Wela Way and is written by Nancy Phillips.

I was really excited when the Mindvalley team asked me to write this article.

It was a very thought-provoking, interesting experience, and brought in many aspects of the research I have been doing the last eight years. I hope you find the information beneficial to your life.

— Nancy Phillips, Creator of The Wela Way

What is a Brule?

Coined by Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley and author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind.  His definition is: “A Brule is a bulls**t rule that society adopts to simplify its understanding of the world.”

Problem is, sometimes the simplification gives us the wrong beliefs. Research has shown money beliefs and attitudes are created during the formative years of childhood and developed by the age of seven.

Conscious awareness of these programmed beliefs is critical to identifying the Brules we have around money. Only then can we change what isn’t working for us in our current situation.

1. “It’s rude to talk about money, it’s private”

A belief still common in many families today; this programming has been passed on from generations past. Unfortunately though, if we don’t discuss financial life skills with our kids in today’s world, it puts them at a real disadvantage because they are growing up in a much more complex situation than when we were young.

Money is spent much more quickly and with less emotion due to technology.

Kids only have the information they observe each day and may not interpret everything correctly — or the way parents would want.

2. “You can’t be wealthy and spiritual”

A common underlying message is, “We’re not supposed to want or have money if we’re spiritual, we’re bad if we desire it.” Money is a magnifier of whoever you are, be it spiritual or not.

If you have clear values and good intentions, financial wellbeing will allow you to do more good in the world, and be more generous.

The opposite is true as well for someone who is self-serving. Struggling financially month to month doesn’t typically allow a person to fully develop and share their talents and passions. That’s not doing any individual or society any good, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

3. “Wealthy people are greedy, deceiving, dishonest…”

Underlying message: “They’re bad if they have a lot of money.”

This can come from a position of “we’re an honest, hard-working family and we’re not rich; therefore, people who are rich must be dishonest and care only about money.”

This is a powerful brule important to be aware of.

Anything you negate and deeply believe is “wrong” or “bad” will not allow you to acquire it and feel good in the long-term.

This brule can cause people to literally push financial success and life happiness away.

4. “Money is the root of all evil”

Brule of money and kids

Underlying message: money is bad, dirty, destructive.

This is one of the most common brules passed on through the generations and one of the most commonly misquoted verses in our society. The correct statement is, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.”

Money is currency, it isn’t inherently good or bad; it only has the emotional value of what we place on it.

However people can do, and have done, evil deeds because of a controlling desire for money.

5. “It’s their fault if they are poor”

A self-focused and destructive belief system based on a superiority complex, this brule prevents positive societal change.

No one really knows the challenges other people live through, the subconscious programming they have from childhood or the social and economic circumstances they have come out of.

Gratitude for what you have and respect for another human beings’ journey is of utmost importance if we are all to learn the financial and life success skills we need to achieve our own unique and individual potential.

6. (Bonus) “Money doesn’t make you happy. Just work hard, at least you’ll be a good honest worker”

This brule can combine two beliefs: “Having a lot of money won’t make you happy, and you aren’t meant to enjoy your work — you are meant to work hard to earn your money and forget about having fun.”

In reality, money is needed to survive and thrive, and while money alone won’t normally make a person happy in the long-term, people don’t have to choose between wealth and happiness.

In today’s world, more and more people are destroying this Brule by doing work they love and achieving great success financially, while creating a very meaningful life. Passion and purpose fuels and motivates — thus providing the foundation for the perseverance necessary to achieve the big goals and dreams we are capable of.

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What brules have had the biggest impact on your life? Comment below.

by Mindvalley
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