4 Reasons Why You Want To Find The Way of The Kettlebell

4 Reasons Why You Want To Find The Way of The Kettlebell


Here are four scientifically proven reasons why kettlebells are one of the most powerful ways to do weightlifting at home and get remarkably fast results.

Whether you had your routine before lockdown or not, being stuck at home makes exercise quite challenging these days… 

Let’s be honest. It’s far easier watching Netflix or checking endless distressing news headlines than it is doing planks and push-ups.

Yet, in the current situation of increasing uncertainty, it’s even more crucial to kickstart a proper workout routine to become stronger physically, physiologically, and mentally.

And one of the most powerful ways to not only become physically healthier but also get mentally and psychologically stronger is working out with kettlebells.

In fact, kettlebells are one of the most powerful ways to do weightlifting at home and get remarkably fast results. 

As Tim Ferris said in The Four-Hour Body:

The kind of exercises — the two-handed kettlebell swing — is all you need for dramatic changes.

Unlike any other workouts, the simple kettlebell offers an accessible and complete training program for anyone at all levels without any gym equipment.

It helps you improve your body composition, increase whole-body metabolism, amplify heart health, and lower blood pressure.

But most importantly, it helps you fight depression, become mentally stronger, more resilient to life challenges, and regain balance.

The kettlebell originated as a pyramid-shaped weight to measure grain and meat, it was turned into a tool for strength training for so-called Russian Strongmen.

And this cannonball can become your ultimate tool to walk out of lockdown as a healthier, mentally stronger, and happier person. 

And here are four scientifically-proven reasons why you want to start working out with kettlebells.

#1: Improve Whole-Body Metabolism

Back in 2008 researchers from Boston University published a study on type II muscle fibers that the human body builds when you lift weights. And this particular type of muscle improves whole-body metabolism and reduces body fat.

Ready for another slice of pizza without guilt? Build your type II muscle by lifting weights.

#2: Elevate Depressive States

Most people believe that aerobic activities such as running and swimming are the best exercises for alleviating depression. 

Yet numerous researchers of clinical psychiatry have proven that anaerobic exercise such as weightlifting helps fight depression much more effectively

So if you feel overwhelmingly stressed or a little bit down these days, weightlifting is your way out.

#3: Become Mentally Stronger

Weightlifting isn’t just a physical exercise. It develops the skill of perseverance, the ability to overcome internal discomfort and become more resilient

Working out with Kettlebells mimics high-intensity situations, and when you persistently decide to overcome that physical challenge, it enables you to overcome any challenge in your life.

Isn’t what we all need these days?

#4: Improve Balance

Steve Cotter MVU Barcelona
Steve Cotter teaches kettlebell at Mindvalley U Barcelona

Apart from the fact that working out with kettlebells helps you develop your stabilizer muscles, it actually helps you become more balanced on multiple levels

As you learn how to stabilize your body and maintain balance during your workouts, suddenly you find yourself balancing on one foot and walking out of any hardship with greater resilience.

Written by
Irina Yugay