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The 4 Main Types Of Meditation Styles Explained — Which One Is For You?

by Mindvalley January 10, 2018

Nowadays our schedules are jam-packed with things to do. By the end of the week, when do you have time to stop and reflect?

Most self-reflection occurs when you set aside some time to meditate.

Not only can meditation give you inner peace, but it benefits your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. There are 4 main types of meditation, but all of them have one goal in mind — to relax you and calm your mind.

Everyone can meditate, including you. There is no one that can’t meditate — it simply depends on what type of meditation that you’re doing.

—Tom Cronin

Once you discover the pros and cons of each of these styles, you’ll be able to decide which type of meditation you want to practice to help reclaim the bliss, peace, and time you once enjoyed and relished.

Viewers Ask Tom Cronin To Answer Their Questions On Meditation

Along with describing the four types of meditation, Tom Cronin answers the following questions from the audience:

  • “I’ve been a single mum for two years now. My life is so busy and I’m so fatigued. How will meditation fit into my day?” – Tanya
  • “I’m concerned if I meditate, I will lose my passion and drive in my job.” – David
  • “I’ve meditated on-and-off for quite a few years but I can’t seem to keep regular with it. Do you have some suggestions?” – Krista
  • “Last year, I lost my husband to cancer. I’d been married for 27 years and I feel like my heart is broken. I don’t know what to do. Will meditation help heal my broken heart?” – Ruth

And a wonderful side-effect of choosing the right type of meditation is that it becomes that much easier to maintain a regular practice (no matter how busy you are).

You’ve Probably Got Meditation All Wrong.

A lot of people don’t do it, because they just can’t seem to ‘clear their minds’.

They try to empty their thoughts, and when that doesn’t work, they think they suck at meditation and give up.

But you see, the mind is designed to think. It does so automatically, just like how your heart beats.

The truth is, meditation isn’t about clearing your mind. It’s supposed to improve performance in all other aspects of your life.

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Which type of meditation most suits your needs? Share with the tribe in the comments below.

by Mindvalley
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