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Mind Curing Loneliness: How To Naturally Release Your 4 Happy Brain Chemicals

Curing Loneliness: How To Naturally Release Your 4 Happy Brain Chemicals

Did you know that almost half of all Americans feel lonely?

A survey on 20,000 Americans across the country showed that the average loneliness score was 44 on the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

People scoring 43 and above were considered lonely. A higher score suggested a greater level of loneliness and social isolation.

In this sneak peek of the 60-Minute Mindvalley Mentoring Training, Radha Agrawal, social entrepreneur and Chief Community Architect of Daybreaker and Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley talk about how we can cure loneliness.

She also shares how we can trigger the release of 4 happy brain chemicals — naturally.

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The Dangers Of Loneliness

Before you think loneliness is harmless, think again – studies suggest that feeling isolated has serious health consequences.

An analysis of 148 studies involving more than 300,000 people discovered that people who suffered from loneliness had a 50% higher risk of dying early compared to people who had strong social circles.

That’s similar to the effect that obesity has on mortality rates!

But the question is – why are so many Americans suffering from loneliness?

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Radha says that one of the major reasons is because Americans are starved for physical affection.

“A famous study showed that Americans touch in upwards of once in a conversation, while Mexicans touch each other in upwards of 180 times,” according to her.

Introducing Daybreaker

Touch is one of the ways Radha creates a sense of community and belonging in Daybreaker, her early morning dance and wellness movement.

They start with an hour of yoga and then dance with reckless abandon for two hours before the workday starts.

Despite its unusual approach, it’s currently active in 25 cities, with a community of almost half a million people.

In her talk, she also mentions the four happy brain chemicals which can help cure loneliness and create a sense of true belonging – a list she remembers with a simple mnemonic, “D.O.S.E”.

If you’d like to know how to control these four happy brain chemicals, watch the snippet of her 60-Minute Mindvalley Mentoring Training above.

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What do you think? Why is loneliness becoming an increasing epidemic in America today?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!


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