How Yoga Brings All 4 Dimensions Of Your Life Into Harmony

Yoga doesn’t just change your physical body; it changes your life.

In this video, Mindvalley’s Chief Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Zenward, Cecilia Sardeo, shares how yoga goes beyond the physical to bring all 4 dimensions of our existence into alignment.

About The Video

Yoga is more than just exercise or “stretching.” True Yoga works to bring health and fulfilment to all 4 dimensions of your being: your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body, and your spiritual body.

Many of us end up neglecting one or more of these dimensions, which is why so many of us feel like there’s something missing from our lives.

In this video, Mindvalley’s Chief Yoga Teacher and Co-Founder of Zenward, Cecilia Sardeo shares exactly why yoga doesn’t just change your body on the mat but reshapes your relationship with yourself, your food, your relationships, and your health.

We created Mindvalley Yoga Quest because we know that yoga is unique from any other type of exercise because you don’t just work on your body, you work on your soul.

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Are all 4 dimensions of your being in alignment? Which dimensions do you want to focus on more: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual?

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Cecilia Sardeo

Cecilia Sardeo

Cecilia Sardeo is Mindvalley's Chief Yoga Teacher, the CEO of Mindvalley Italy, and the Host & Co-Founder of Mindvalley's yoga platform, Zenward.

As a certified yoga teacher and international yogini, she helps people reach a whole new level of balance, peace, and fulfilment in the busyness of their modern day lifestyle.

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