4 Big Secrets Of The Top 5 Percent Achievers

In this video Robin Sharma shares what it takes to become one of the world’s super achievers. And it all starts with a simple, but radical, change in mindset.

 You don’t get lucky, you create lucky.
– Robin Sharma

About The Video

Imagine if it was your standard to be “the Picasso of what you do.”

In the video Robin Sharma suggests 4 things you should start doing today, to become so good that they can not ignore you.

Watch the video to learn:

  • Why you should cut your excuses in half – and double the amount of action you take.
  • Why you’ll need to have the guts to be laughed at as you’re going to leave the herd.
  • Why you should out-fail the people around you (the number 1 factor to success is something called “grid”).
  • And why it’s so important for you to get fit too.

Robin Sharma will give you the mental preparation needed to become the master artist in your own craft.

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