How 30 Seconds Of Exercise Can Help You Live Longer

Most exercise routines are overly difficult, complicated, and take way too much time.

But what if you could improve how your body functions for the rest of your day in only 30 seconds?

World-Renowned Biohacker and America’s No. 1 Personal Trainer, Ben Greenfield, shares the mindblowing science behind how 30 seconds of exercise can actually speed up your metabolism and help your body function at its absolute best. He also shares the two things you need to keep in check if you want to live a long, healthy life.

Watch the video above to see how 30-seconds can enhance your health and add years to your life.

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Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield

From CEOs to NFL & NHL athletes, when the world’s top performers want to take their mental and physical performance to the peak of their abilities, they turn to renowned biohacker, and body and brain performance coach, Ben Greenfield.

After being a legendary bodybuilder, Ben discovered at the age of 35 that his biological age was much older than his chronological age. This single revelation sparked his deep curiosity for the science of longevity. Ben became a relentless self-experimenter and biohacker. Today, at the age of 37, Ben has a biological age of just 20.

The techniques he used are hacks that anyone—no matter their age or current fitness level—can do. Now, he’s sharing them in his Mindvalley Quest, The Longevity Blueprint Quest, where he teaches the best techniques you can apply to rapidly elevate your health, wellness and longevity.

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