3 Steps To Speak And Lead With Confidence

Deborah Torres at Mindvalley

We had the pleasure of hosting Deborah Torres Patel in the Hall of Awesomeness, and she delivered one powerful presentation.

Having extensive experience as a successful speaker, author, singer and coach to executives around the world, she’s simplified the art of how to be an effective communicator down to 3 main factors, with quick actionable steps that you can implement straight away.

These 3 factors are about mastering the physiology of being a great communicator:

Deborah Torres

  1. The 4 pillars of presence
  2. Bringing your voice to life
  3. Bringing your WORDS to life

Whether you manage a team, are a salesperson, lead in meetings, or you want to authentically connect with those around you, she explains why having communication as your #1 skill is more important than your knowledge and experience combined. And the good news is, it’s a learnable skill and can be applied in any area of your life.

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