Mindvalley Publishing Hits 100 Authors

100 mindvalley authors


Mindvalley is proud to announce that – just shortly after we turned 10 – our publishing sector now has 100 Mindvalley authors on its portfolio across is three content providers – Mindvalley Mobile, Mindvalley Academy, and primary products created by our our main authors exclusively for Mindvalley.Mindvalley Authors & Products

From our roots in personal growth and meditation, we have now expanded to offer content and products under multiple categories in the self-development umbrella, including leadership, relationships, fitness, wellbeing, entrepreneurship and even wealth and abundance. Among the latest authors to that are releasing exclusive products with Mindvalley in 2014 are Lisa Nichols, Harv Ecker, Fabrizio Mancini and Bob Proctor, joining the current family that includes Laura Silva, Carol Tuttle and Burt Goldman.

Mindvalley CEO and Founder Vishen Lakhiani with Senior Partner and Head of Pubilshing, Veena Sidhu.

Our mediums too have grown beyond digital courses and programs – for instance, we’ve successfully branched out to mobile app creation with our top-rated apps such as Omvana: the world’s first customizable library of audios for meditation, sleep, relaxation, focus and inspiration; featuring best-selling authors such as Burt Goldman, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Christie Marie Sheldon.

Omvana is also now available as an online library so that customers can use its tracks on any media player they prefer.

Now that there are 100 Mindvalley authors already, which new authors would you be exciting to have join the Mindvalley Tribe? Please share with us in the comment section below!



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